Maximum capabilities in minimum dimensions Perfect solution for the varity of drones applications with the outstanding reliability and flight performance
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Flight Control System for the Varity of Drones Applications
Smartap int


All standard interfaces support including high-frequency PWM outputs for ESC, PPM and SBUS inputs from RC Receiver, FrSky S.Port telemetry output for real-time info on transmitter screen and SBUS output.
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SmartAp GCS

Can you imagine GCS running literally on ANY platform / OS? We've already done it for you.
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Various number of the interfaces allow to connect peripherals and integrate with the third party electronics. Full compatibility with all Sky-Drones products including GNSS, RTK GNSS, Telemetry, Power Module and PDB supported. Integrated OSD allows connecting the camera and video TX directly to SmartAP MAX.
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Supported Airframes


Integrated configurator allows you easily install and configure SmartAP Autopilot specifically for your vehicle type in less than 10 minutes from the scratch. Various settings provide extremely flexible configuration to meet any requirements.


Creating the flight plan has never been easier – simply tap and drag&drop to place the waypoints and adjust various mission parameters. Intuitive planning interface allows you generating complex missions with no efforts.


Monitor various flight parameters of the system and adjust the plan during the mission. In case something is not right SmartAP GCS will automatically notify you and suggest the available actions. Real-time video feed is integrated right in the app.


All flights data is stored in GCS and can be easily accessed for mission replay and parameters analysis. Payload data acquisition can be tightly integrated with the flight data. This allows you concentrating on the mission, not the flight.


Configure via USB or Telemetry
Supports 15+ types of airframes
Radio configuration
Easy IMU settings / calibration
Fast parameters tuning
On-Screen Display configuration
Camera / Gimbal settings
Various failsafe actions
Advanced parameters list access
Command line interface

Intuitive user interface
Waypoints mode mission interface
Region mode mission interface
Automatic mission planning
Automatic altitude calculation
Various map providers
Camera parameters support
Independent take-off and landing points
In-flight mission adjust
Waypoints transition customization

Win, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
Logging 200+ parameters
Flights history
Log replay with powerful control
Plot window for parameters visualization
Flight plan export / import
Maps cache for offline use
Google Earth KML export
CSV logs export
Firmware updates