Fotokite Phi: Explorer Bundle
November 18, 2016
Explorer Case
January 27, 2017

Fotokite Phi

Pre-order the Fotokite Phi! The friendliest, most compact, lightest, and most affordable GoPro-carrying quadcopter is waiting for you.

What’s included:

Fotokite Phi flight unit
Fotokite Phi basic leash
Fotokite Phi flight battery
Fotokite Phi protective tube
USB cable (A-C)

Please note: the camera is not included

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Fotokite Phi is a GoPro-carrying quadcopter that makes aerial filming safe, easy, and fun. The Portable 12oz drone-kite is suitable for GoPro Hero 4 and similar form factor cameras. Using the Fotokite Phi is plain simple: To begin flight, hold the tether in one hand and the drone in the other. With a quick flick of the wrist, the Fotokite’s engines fire up, and the device can fly in any direction that a user points it in. The Fotokite Phi folds to the size of a thermos. Bring it anywhere with you and capture aerial shots conveniently, safely and quickly.

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