Industrial inspection

July 15, 2017
February 24, 2017

Industrial inspection

Remote inspections of industrial structures and facilities are often costly, hazardous and sometimes impossible to achieve. While the fast growth of unmanned systems soutions is offering an answer, free-flying drones are still limited to a fraction of their potential in industrial maintenance, because of their limited flight time and their low safety level. Elistair tethering solutions dramatically increase the safety of drone operations through a reliable power supply and secured communications. Immune to interference and scrambling, battery failures and fly-aways, our systems allow safe and efficient commercial inspections, in a variety of demanding industrial environments as airports, wind farms or refineries. Operating in a volume of operation mastered by the micro-tether, industrial companies and drone operators now beneficiate from a full-control on their flights, facilitating the maintenance and the protection of their assets.
With our tethered systems, drone inspections are safer: full-control on the drone volume of flight, safe communications and reliable power supply.
time efficiency
Your tethered UAV will be able to fly for unlimited durations. Therefore, long inspection operations will be done faster, at a better cost.
real-time 4K video streaming
The micro-tether technology allows high-quality continuous data collection, like 4K video-stream, enabling real-time data processing and analysis, or on-site expertise.


  • Wind power stations
  • Telecom Towers & Antennas
  • Airports
  • Oil refineries and drilling rigs
  • Energy infrastructures
  • Viaducts and dams inspection

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