Air quality monitoring

July 15, 2017

Air quality monitoring

Monitoring air quality and pollution is crucial to understand our cities and industries, and to prevent public health incidents. Our tethered systems allow for simple and reliable data collection in three dimensions. Our tethering stations provide unlimited access to remote locations and hazardous areas at a low cost. Thanks to Elistair technologies, drones can easily collect samples of compounds such as: Volatile Organic Compounds Ozone Sulphur Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide The high-speed data transfer made possible by the micro-tether, allows for real-time data collection and analysis in a fast and secure way.

Key benefits

Unlimited data collection
Using power sources located on the ground, our tethered solutions offer unlimited flight time for various data collection missions.
Robust and easily transportable, our tethered systems are designed to be “Plug and Fly”. Easy to use and to deploy, it is the simplest and most effective access to persistant aerial measurements.
Safety should be a primary concern when using aerial platforms. Our micro-tether technology allows safer operations due to comprehensive controls and secure communications systems.


  • Meteorological measurements
  • Continuous gas sensing
  • Energy & Utility industries monitoring
  • Chemical industries monitoring
  • Particulate matter measurement
  • Integrated gaseous sampling
  • Thunderstorm and tornado monitoring
  • Biological & Nuclear threats identification

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