Air quality monitoring
July 15, 2017
Traffic monitoring
July 15, 2017


Our tethered drone solutions are critical asset for security operations. The continuous and global aerial view enables long, risk-free and efficient surveillance for both night and day use. Using tethered drones as virtual ‘Surveillance Towers’ is a simple and efficient solution for semi-persistent applications, with a serious cost advantage over helicopters or manned aircraft. Tethered UAVs can be deployed for long-term operations in order to cover a large area for several hours. Compact, lightweight and quick to deploy for a single operator, tethered UAVs make little noise from a high position, ensuring discreet surveillance. Our tethered systems are best suited for police forces, public safety operations, firefighting, crisis monitoring or military operations.

Key benefits

Powered from the ground through our patented micro-tether, connected drones are able to fly for hours, allowing long duration surveillance operations, for day and night missions.
Thanks to the micro-tether, communications are unjammable, immune to interferences and enable real-time high-speed data transmission.
Robust and easily transportable, our tethered systems are designed for the field. Quick to use and deploy, it is the simplest and most effective solution for persistent aerial surveillance.


  • Police operations
  • Facility and asset protection
  • Emergency First Responder situational awareness
  • Firefighting
  • Special Operations Police Forces situational awareness
  • Border surveillance
  • Crowd control

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