Industrial Maintenance

Remote inspections of industrial structures and facilities are highly costly, hazardous and sometimes impossible to achieve. While the fast growth of unmanned systems solutions is offering an answer, free-flying drones are still limited to a fraction of their potential in industrial maintenance, because of their limited flight time and their low safety level. Our tethering solutions dramatically increase the safety of drone operations through a reliable power supply and secured communications. Immune to interference and scrambling, battery failures and fly-aways, our systems allow safe and efficient commercial inspections, in a variety of demanding industrial environments as airports, wind farms or refineries. Operating in a volume of operation mastered by the micro-tether, industrial companies and drone operators now have the benefit of full-control on their flights, facilitating the maintenance and the protection of their assets.

Key Features

With our tethered systems, drone inspections are safer: full-control on the drone volume of flight, safe communications and reliable power supply.
Time efficiency
Our tethered UAV will be able to fly for unlimited duration. Therefore, long inspection operations will be done faster, at a better cost.
Real-time Full HD video streaming
The micro-tether technology allows high-quality continuous data collection, like Full HD video-stream, enabling real-time data processing and analysis, or on-site expertise.

Traffic Control


Due to an increasing number of vehicles on roadways, better traffic management and planning have become imperative. Our tethered solutions offer continuous and real-time aerial video-stream, allowing persistant data collection and analysis. A tethered drone is a compact tool, easy to transport and deploy, that gives access to various valuable traffic data (trajectories, behaviors, vehicle types etc…), which are crucial information for individual end user (drivers), networks and transport operators or public authorities, to answer mobility challenges. Count, measure and analyse in order to understand road-user behaviour, analyse trajectories and detec anomalies. With the deployment of a single UAV during several hours, continuously, get a more comprehensive look at traffic nodes.

Key Features

Unlimited Data
These persistent aerial platforms provide real-time information over long durations. Persistent aerial video-streams offer access to valuable data: trajectories, type of vehicles, behaviors…
Wide Coverage
Our tethered systems offer a wide coverage of traffic areas, enabling data collection and real-time monitoring. The small size of UAVs and the flight height (100m) prevent the driver’s behaviors to be affected.
Quick Deplyment
Our tethered systems are easily deployable, therefore allowing a better efficiency during traffic monitoring operations.

Aerial Surveillance

Our tethered drone solutions are critical asset for security operations. The continuous and global aerial view enables long, risk-free and efficient surveillance for both night and day use. Using tethered drones as virtual ‘Surveillance Towers’ is a simple and efficient solution for semi-persistent applications, with a serious cost advantage over helicopters or manned aircraft. Tethered UAVs can be deployed for long-term operations in order to cover a large area for several hours. Compact, lightweight and quick to deploy for a single operator, tethered UAVs make little noise from a high position, ensuring discreet surveillance. Our tethered systems are best suited for police forces, public safety operations, firefighting, crisis monitoring or military operations.

Powered from the ground through our patented micro-tether, connected drones are able to fly for hours, allowing long duration surveillance operations, for day and night missions.
Thanks to the micro-tether, communications are unjammable, immune to interferences and enable real-time high-speed data transmission.
Robust and easily transportable, our tethered systems are designed for the field. Quick to use and deploy, it is the simplest and most effective solution for persistent aerial surveillance.


In the past, firefighting was a hazardous engagement that usually endangered both the rescuer and the victims because of inadequate logistics. All thanks to drone technology, it is now possible for emergency responders to respond to fire accidents while saving time and money often spent on investigations. With our tethered drone, inspection can be done continuously with live streaming video to the control station. It provides the opportunity for the rescuers to have and process real-time information.