Treatment and maintenance of facilities has never been easier.


The 100% carbon frame and anodized aluminum fasteners make the Hercules 20 ultra-shock-resistant.

Spray system

The fully foldable Hercules 20 Spray system measures up to 3.3 feet (3 meters) wide and is equipped with a 3.17-gallon (12-liter) tank. It is designed for precise spraying of liquid products, surface, roof and agricultural treatments and more, offering new spraying solutions for various applications. The Hercules 20 Spray, with its flat nozzles at an angle of 110°, sprays 0.8 gallons (3 liters) of product per minute and can manage up to 4.5 acres (1.8 hectares) in 10 minutes (when using 0.26 gallons (1L) per minute)

Foldable arms

Hercules 20 is equipped with a lockable and secured system of 4 foldable arms.


The carbon fiber propellers can be attached and detached without any tools, facilitating transportation and storage in the transport case.

Self-cooling motors

The structure of the 8 motors used on the Hercules 20 Spray includes openings that allows greater cooling during their rotation. Each motor can lift up to 3.3 lbs of weight (1.5kg). They are also resistant to water and dust infiltrations.

Landing gear

The carbon landing gear is completely removable for easier storage and transportation.

DV CORE Flight controller

The DV CORE flight controller uses a state-of-the-art microcontroller is entirely programmable and customizable.