Frequently asked questions

1Can I get spare parts?
Yes, we will make those available soon in our online shop
2Can I fly Fotokite indoors?
You can fly your Fotokite anywhere as long as you are respecting local laws and regulations. .
3What happens if the tether is cut or the battery runs out?
On an empty battery or tether break the Fotokite goes into a “controlled descent” mode and it comes back to the ground quickly but gently.
4Does the Fotokite qualify as a drone?
You will have to check with your local authorities on regulations for your region.
5Can I attach another tether to the Fotokite?
Any alteration to the Fotokite will void any and all warranty obligations
6Would it have the same effect if I attached a tether to another drone?
No, it wouldn’t, nor would the Fotokite work without the tether – it is core to how the Fotokite operates: Instead of relying on a GPS or radio signal for localization/control the Fotokite uses the tension force from the tether to figure out where it is. This means controlled flight no matter where you are: it is a completely self-contained system.